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My brief introduction

Everyone of us is passionate about the list of stuff and many things in life that we can be obsessed about is endless. Mine is about technology. Now, give a cautious thought to it. Technology is a discipline where change is the only continuous and the pace at which changes occur can be intimidating to most individuals.

Take a word document and attempt asking your mom or grandmom to work on it or perhaps take a photograph in your smartphone and ask them to use a filter on it. Don’t be surprised that such little jobs that we tend to take for granted can be seen as highly challenging. Many people refer to them as technology laggard. If you think it’s something humorous, exactly the same thing might just apply to you few years in the future.


One hot topic that is certainly making the headlines these days is wearable gadgets. It is a technology that’s still very much in its infancy stage. First, we have the Google glass. I am certain it is here to stay, though I can’t comprehend how the Google glass can actually be used as a mainstream apparatus. And then there’s the smart watch. It is true that we’ve seen a number of smart watches being released and sold in the marketplace but what I can tell you is the race is only at the beginning stage and the future definitely looks exciting.

Some time back, the plan to use drone for delivery was unveiled by Jeff Bezo and the Amazon Prime Air idea stirred up enormous quantity of interest among the geek community. What follows soon after is a skyrocketing excitement to use drone for civilian function. A jackpot struck when it decided to run its advertisements on the superbowl show. If you wonder how that can be reached, it’s not complex. They run an advertising that show the use of drone of the company’s to deliver the beer. Personally, I completely love that notion.

I ‘m a technology lover who happens to have deep fondness with writing although I am not the most informed or techiest individual. Nowadays, I love to spend my leisure time by composing technology stuffs, that is how I keep myself updated with the latest happenings in the technology area and writing websites. I always adore working collectively with individuals. Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you believe there is any potential synergy that can enhance both our interests.

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